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Wood, a living material

My furniture creaks ...

Even after years of drying, wood remains a living material that can move with differences in humidity or heat. A slight shrinkage of the wood can sometimes be observed, especially during the transition between our production workshop, where the temperature does not exceed 16 ° C (even in summer) and your interior.

Pay attention to temperature differences during heating. A wooden piece of furniture installed too close to / above an electric heater or any other direct and very strong heat source (wood stove for example) can cause a strong shrinkage of the wood and give play in the assemblies.

The wood of my furniture has many knots and small defects (marks, nail holes ..., is this normal?

We keep the defects of the wood or even value them because all the nobility of the wood lies in its specificities: diversity of colors related to species, grain, more or less speckling ... but also because the boards used bear the traces of their history: branch locations (knots), sawing marks ... For us this is what makes this material so beautiful and interesting and makes the pieces unique - even in small series creations.

My furniture does not seem to have a finish, why?

To limit indoor air pollutants, the furniture offered by Atelier Recycl'et Bois can be delivered raw sanding (there is still a lot of work done, your furniture is not raw, it has been sanded in a very fine grain so that it is free of splinters and pleasant to the touch). But when necessary (kitchen furniture, paint protection, etc.), or depending on the finish you want, the paints, varnishes and glues used are products with the most limited possible VOC emissions.

Treatment, protection and maintenance of oiled furniture

To properly protect your wooden furniture, the use of treatment, protection and maintenance products is not essential but to ensure durability over time and if they have been treated, it is better to protect them from time to time .

Here are some tips to give them a facelift!

How do I clean my furniture on a daily basis?

A simple wipe of a microfiber cloth will be enough to remove the dust present. If your furniture has a few stains, you can wipe it with a sponge dampened with hot water, without scratching.

How often should I renew the protection of my interior wood? (also valid for raw furniture if you wish to protect it one day)

The protection of indoor furniture, normally protected from water and the sun, withstands several years. At the first signs of wear, the wood must be re-nourished.

On the other hand, a bathroom, a frequently used worktop, will have to be maintained more frequently, approximately every 6 months to once a year following the request. The use of an oil finish, however, makes it possible to re-oil only the most damaged parts directly on the old layer.

What precaution should I take when applying the finish?

Make sure the wood is clean and dry. If this is not the case, a preliminary cleaning operation is essential. Apply the product in dry weather and let the wood dry before any contact. Avoid contact with dust and / or dirt during the application and drying phase. Refer to the tips for using your product.

If it is a maintenance coat after an old oil finish, it is not necessary to degrease first, apply the oil directly to the previous coat.

How do I clean my table top on a daily basis?

An oiled table top (or worktop) can be cleaned daily like a classic worktop. Clean the stains with a damp sponge without scratching (avoid the green side or make a tawashi sponge). The best is to clean with hot water because it will evaporate faster.

If I apply an oil, what color will my wood take?

The result after application will depend on the wood species and especially the oil you are going to apply:

  • In the case of a colorless oil, a light wood will retain its original color while taking on a slight "honey" tint, which will reinforce its natural appearance and bring out the grain and different shades of the wood. Darker wood will retain its original color in a slightly "warmer" shade.

  • If you use a tinted oil, this "warmer" aspect will be present but your wood will darken (cherry color more orange ... see very orange), walnut stain will brown your wood and bring out the grain, a color will draw on the Red


If you want to embark on a change in color, we advise you to do a preliminary test on a piece of wood (identical species) or in a corner that will not be visible. This will prevent you from being disappointed with the result.

Can I apply an oil to varnished wood?

NO - It is not possible to apply a finishing oil directly to an old film-forming finish. The old layer must first be removed by stripping (not very ecological except in a homemade beer-based recipe version), planing or simple sanding if this is sufficient.

Are boron salts prohibited?

Boron salts are in a transitional stage in terms of classification; in 2010, they were classified as CMR substances  (Mutagenic Carcinogen toxic to Reproduction) due to their risk of toxicity to reproduction. Its use is not restricted for the moment but this should evolve.

Treatment, protection and maintenance of varnished furniture

How do I clean my furniture on a daily basis?

A simple wipe of a micro-fiber cloth will suffice to remove the dust present. If your furniture has a few stains, you can wipe it with a sponge dampened with hot water, without scratching.

My varnished furniture has scratches or stains that will not go away.

In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises, incompatibility of product or failure, it is better to entrust the restoration of your property to a professional who will follow all the essential steps for a perfect finish. The ideal is to have it restored by the craftsman who made it because he will know exactly which cleaning process to follow and which finish to use. Hence the fact that we provide, for any object leaving our workshop,  a Certificate of authenticity recalling the name of the craftsman and the finishes used.


Occasionally, we can use materials or structures from antique furniture (mirror, glass, metal base ...). These renovated products offered by Atelier Recycl'et Bois date from the 50s to the 70s or are made from recycled materials. The photographs representing the furniture sold are as accurate as possible but cannot ensure a perfect resemblance with the product offered. They therefore have no contractual value. These pieces of furniture contain, even after careful restoration, traces, impacts, marks and scratches of use and are sold as is, without any warranty.

Evolution of standards

Finally, the furniture, having been manufactured over 50 years ago, no longer meets the safety standards in force in France. It may present a risk in the context of a use other than decoration.

Maintain, clean and oil a kitchen board

Wood, a material with antibacterial properties

Wood shrinks or expands under the influence of humidity and temperature. It is simply a living material that can crack and split. Apart from the fact that a crack or crevice is unattractive, it can also harbor bacteria, which should be avoided at all costs.  We sometimes hear that wooden cutting boards are unhygienic. However, this is false. By dint of cutting on the board, it gets scratched and bacteria get lodged in the notches. On a plastic board, the notch closes (partially) around the dirt. By washing the board, you run the risk of not eliminating all the bacteria. On a wooden board, on the other hand, the notch does not close around the dirt and the dirt is therefore released during cleaning. All dirt is therefore washed off. In addition, the wood contains tannin which helps kill a large part of the bacteria.

How do I clean my board on a daily basis?

No dishwasher or washing with plenty of water (risk of detachment, cracks ... not to mention the corrosive effect of dishwasher tablets). A simple wipe of a sponge moistened with hot water and drying with a soft cloth will suffice. It is not always necessary to use dish soap, but it is recommended to do so after cutting raw meat, poultry or fish. Be sure to wipe down the board thoroughly. Once dried, it is best to store it upright, this reduces the risk of curling.  Remember to use the board on both sides, this will also allow it to work in a similar way.


Why oil my board?

Wood is a living material. To avoid cracking, it is important to keep it in perfect condition. Soaked in oil, the wood actually closes, forming a protective layer.


Which oil to use?

To oil a wooden cutting board, it is best to use odorless and tasteless oil. Almond or grape seed oil is a good choice. (Attention: do not use almond oil in case of allergy to nuts, do not use olive oil either, it makes the board sticky and dirty and little rancid (just like the (walnut oil) We recommend using mineral oil for cutting boards or worktops, food-compatible.

Disinfect your board, basic maintenance

Before oiling a wooden board, it must be cleaned. Coat the board with lemon juice or white vinegar. Add (sea) salt and, using a piece of a clean cloth, rub it on the board. Leave on for a quarter of an hour. This gives you an impeccable board. Then rinse (without soaking) the board and wipe it with a soft cloth. It is important that the board is completely dry. It will then absorb the oil better. Pour, drop by drop, the oil on the board and rub with a piece of paper towel or a clean cloth. Allow the board time to soak up the oil before using it. Oil the board again until it no longer absorbs any more oil. It is then saturated.


How often should I maintain my board  ?

The entire process, including pre-cleaning with acid and salt, should be done (depending on use) every 2-4 months. In the meantime, you can wash and dry the board, as you do every day after using it, and then treat it with oil. This allows you to keep the wood in perfect condition between two thorough maintenance operations. Depending on the use, do this weekly or monthly. When the board looks dried out, you know it's time to oil it again.



Can I have an allergic reaction to the earrings?

The hooks, nails and ear pushers that make up our jewelry Made of 925 silver, zamak (equivalent to silver but more ecological and less expensive) or gold plated or rhodium plated brass. They are cadmium, nickel and lead free, and are REACH certified.


Pure silver and gold are non-allergenic metals known for their passivity towards the body. Gold is a noble metal, very balanced from a chemical point of view, and for this it is generally neutral. Brass being an alloy of copper and zinc, it is therefore to a lesser extent capable of causing allergies. If you are allergic to brass, then it is very likely that you are actually allergic to copper. Ditto for zamak, especially as zinc, magnesium and aluminum can be present in our food.

My lobes are turning black ...

A simple darkening of the skin is in no way a sign of an allergic reaction: it is simply a reaction of oxidation of the metal on contact with acidic skin. This is frequent and normal. Besides the aesthetic aspect, there is no reason to be alarmed.

What is ZAMAK?

Zamak: is an alloy of zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper. Its name is an acronym of the German names of the metals that compose it  : Zink (zinc), Aluminum, MAgnesium (magnesium) and Kupfer (copper). Particularly suitable for die casting, zinc alloys make it possible to obtain thin parts and parts of complex configuration. The excellent mechanical characteristics of Zamak, the very good flowability, the dimensional stability, the aptitude for decoration, the resistance to corrosion (the first function of zinc is to protect the steel), the high production rates, allow designers to find a competitive and reliable solution in these alloys. Zinc alloys are 100% reusable  %, without loss of characteristics by recycling end-of-life products. They thus contribute to the rational consumption of raw materials.

What are the different veneers used in jewelry?

  • Rhodium-plated: with a high hardness, rhodium offers good protection against both wear and oxidation, so a layer between 0.7 and 1 micron is sufficient. However, its cost is higher than that of silver plated.

  • Rhodium-plated metal: Rhodium-plated jewelry or components are plated with an alloy of the color of Rhodium, but generally do not contain Rhodium.

  • Gold Fillled: This is a brass base covered with several layers of 14k gold.

How to recognize 925 silver?

Money  has a minimum content of 92.5% pure silver. This is called 925 silver  Where  Sterling Silver 925. It is  supplemented by 7.5% other metals (very often copper). Silver being very soft, it is this alloy of metals that makes it suitable for making jewelry. When silver jewelry has a weight greater than or equal to 30 grams, it is compulsory to see the "neck brace head" mark.


What does REACH mean?

REACH is a European regulation (regulation n ° 1907/2006) which entered into force in 2007 to secure the manufacture and use of chemical substances in European industry.

What are the objectives of REACH?

  • Protect human health and the environment from the potential risks of chemical substances;

  • Establish identical and transparent information on the nature and risks of substances, as they are or in a mixture, from the supplier to the end customer;

  • Secure the handling of chemical substances by employees;

  • Strengthen the competitiveness of industry, in particular the chemical industry, a key sector of the economy in Europe.

What substances are covered?

All substances, including natural substances, organic substances and metals: those used in industrial processes and those encountered in mixtures, such as in cleaning products, paints; substances contained in articles such as textiles, furniture, computer equipment or electronic compounds.



What is WEEE?

Lamps and lights, interior lighting… all lighting equipment is considered waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). This waste is subject to specific regulations  : WEEE regulations (R543-181 of the Environmental Code). In order to be properly decontaminated before being recycled, they must not be thrown with ordinary waste or in scrap metal dumpsters. Atelier Recycl'et Bois is registered in the National Register of Producers of ADEME and declares each year the equipment placed on the market. By joining the ECOLOGIC eco-organization under number M3383, it contributes to the collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment in proportion to the equipment it places on the market.

Crossed-out trash can logo: To indicate to consumers the specific nature of WEEE and guide their sorting action, electrical and electronic equipment is marked with a crossed-out trash can. The affixing of the crossed out bin logo is compulsory for each piece of equipment placed on the market after August 13, 2005. The crossed out bin is established by standard NF EN 50419 in accordance with article R543-177 of the environment code. It tells consumers that their used EEE or their WEEE should not be thrown away with household waste but directed to separate collection points. To date, there are nearly 25,000 collection points for WEEE throughout France.

What if I want to part with my furniture or my "Atelier Recycl'et Bois" lamp?


What to do with my old furniture?

Why am I paying an eco-contribution?

The eco-participation is a contribution that must be applied to the price of each piece of furniture, mattress, duvet and new pillow. It makes it possible to finance the collection, sorting, recycling and / or energy recovery of these used products. This contribution is paid in full to Éco-Meubles, a non-profit eco-organization approved by the State. Its mission is to develop the collection of these products, to ensure their recovery at the end of their life and to promote reuse and reuse. For more information:

Atelier Recycl'et Bois is registered in the National Register of furnishing elements marketers under the number FR028305. This number guarantees that Atelier Recycl'et Bois, by joining Éco-Meubles, is in compliance with the regulatory obligations incumbent on it in application of article L541-10-6 of the Environmental Code. The eco-contribution is indicated separately on each product concerned.

Triman logo  : In order to harmonize sorting instructions for consumers, the stakeholders have decided to set up a unique logo which indicates the recyclability of products (packaging, batteries, EEE, textiles, etc.). The use of Triman was adopted by decree n ° 2014-1577 of 23 December 2014 relating to the common signage of recyclable products which are subject to a sorting instruction. The text entered into force on January 1, 2015.


I would like to order on the site, what are the steps to take?

If you wish to place an order, it is necessary to create your customer account beforehand. To do this, simply click on the "New customer" button accessible on the page:

By browsing the store, you can add items you wish to buy into a basket at any time.By clicking on Basket in the menu at the top right of each page of the site, you can take stock of your pre-purchases, modify the number of units of each product you wish to order or delete an incorrect choice. Once you have finished shopping, return to your basket after logging in or creating your account and validate it.

I cannot order a product because it is not in stock, what should I do?

We are a small company and do not always have sufficient stock to supply our various distribution channels or work just in time (on demand) for certain products, in particular furniture such as benches, stools .... However , we can take your order by mail to order [@] by specifying the references and finishes of the product which interests you as well as your place of delivery. You can also fill out the quote request form. We  offer certain products to be notified by email of the restocking of this product. We do our best to maintain a regular supply of all of our products, and to keep waiting times as short as possible.

I would like to order by because I do not have personal internet access.

Unfortunately, we do not take orders by phone because we need, in your interest and ours, to have a written record of the exchanges. However, we can edit you a quote that we will send you by post to return signed and mentioning your voucher for agreement, the xx / xx / xxx accompanied by the payment (by check, transfer).

What are the order preparation times?

Orders paid by check or bank transfer: orders are shipped upon receipt of payment.

I would like to pay for my COD order, is this possible?

We do not offer the option of cash on delivery, as this service is very expensive from France. You can choose to pay by credit card, paypal, check or bank transfer.

My payment by credit card was not successful, do I have to redo my order?

No. In the event of a payment problem by credit card (technical or other), the order is well kept. An automatic email is sent to you allowing you to re-enter the payment for this order. The first link will take you directly to the payment server.

Otherwise, you have two solutions:

  • Or a payment by check payable to: Atelier Recycl'et Bois (Remember to note the number of your order on the back of the check). Send your mail by post to  : ATELIER RECYCL'ET BOIS - Lieu-dit Le Repas (LIVRY) 14240 Caumont-surAure

  • Or transfer: To the Atelier Recycl'et Bois (CIC) account, specify the number of your order during the transaction. For France, IBAN: FR7630027161250002038000157 / BIC: CMCIFRPP


I want to change the payment method for my order: is this possible?

Absolutely. All you need to do is contact us at order [@] and we will change the status of your order for you.

Can I modify the order that I have just validated?

For any modification, let us know by contacting us by email, specifying the number of your order during the transaction in the subject of your order message [@]


What are the delivery times?

Manufacturing and delivery times are mentioned on each product page. However, for more information, we invite you to consult our page How to buy / Receipt section: Do not hesitate to contact us at order [@] for any additional information. 'information.

I do not receive my order within the announced timeframe, who should I contact?

If you have any questions regarding the delivery time of your orders, please do not hesitate to  send us a message to order [@]

You can access the tracking number of your shipment in your customer account, depending on the shipment method you have chosen.

To find out about the different shipping methods we offer, please visit our page:

Can I change my delivery address?

You can add several different addresses in your customer account. You can also write the invoice to an address other than the delivery address, when you validate your basket.

Can I return the items that I am not satisfied with?

Yes, if you are a private customer, it is quite possible to return these items within 15 working days and following receipt of the return agreement to the company. When ordering, he asked you to accept our general conditions of sale. These are also available online at . You will also find a sample withdrawal form there.

Please specify your order number, the subject of your return and the reference of the returned items. We will refund you either on your transaction if you have paid by credit card or paypal or by a credit note of the corresponding value, within a maximum period of 15 days after receipt.

Your return will be processed for a maximum of 15 days following your withdrawal request. We may, however, withhold the refund until we have received the product (s) or until you have provided proof of shipment of the product (s).


How can I receive a catalog of products from the store?

We do not have a paper catalog. However, we can send you a digital presentation catalog on simple email request.

I no longer remember my password, I can no longer identify myself ...

We invite you to contact us so that we can diagnose the problem, or that we reactivate a new password together.


I would like to order a product that is out of stock or only available "on order"

I want to personalize a product

Contact us via order [@] . Tell us:

  • the name of the desired product,

  • its finish (when indicated)> see our color charts

  • and your contact details.


We will tell you its availability, the conditions and cost of delivery (hand delivery in store, home delivery or shipping costs) and the terms and conditions for finalizing the transaction. If you want to establish a quote, know that they are made for free.


I am an individual and I would like to obtain a quote

​ Our quotes are free for your tailor-made projects for an amount less than € 2,000.

For a project for an amount greater than € 2,000, a flat rate of € 100 will be applied and will be invoiced if the project is not selected. The amount will be deducted from the final invoice if the quote is accepted.


I am a professional and I would like to get a quote


Any request for product design, interior fittings  / shop / museography ... or any project over € 1,000, will be the subject of an estimate including the time spent on design and invoicing if the project is not selected. A flat rate corresponding to 10% of the amount of the estimate will be applied, amount deducted from the final invoice if it is accepted.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

When registering the order, the buyer must pay a deposit of 30 to 50% of the total amount of the invoice, amount indicated on the estimate, the balance to be paid upon receipt of the goods.

Orders are paid for:

  • either by check payable to Atelier Recycl'et Bois,

  • either by PayPal,

  • or by bank transfer.

Can I retract when a quote is signed?

The deposit implies a firm and definitive commitment of the parties, namely, the obligation to buy for the customer and that to provide the service for the seller. The deposit constitutes part of the sale price. There is therefore no possibility of retracting. The customer or the seller could be ordered to pay damages if he retracts, the amount being able to go up to the full payment of the service.

The professional is subject to an obligation to do, that is to say to respect the terms defined in the estimate. In the event of non-compliance by the professional with his obligations, the client must give him formal notice to perform his service in accordance with the estimate signed and accepted beforehand.

In the event of breach of the contract, attributable to the customer, before the completion of the work ordered, the deposit paid on the order will be retained as a lump sum compensation. To this sum will be added a lump sum equal to 15% of the amount including tax of the estimate or the order. If his opposition is abusive, the customer could be ordered to pay damages.

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